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WeLcOmE To ThE ReAl World

23 August 1982
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absolutely fabulous, ac/dc, action sports, adult swim, alias, american gladitors tv show, and almost everything., anime, apocalyptica, athf, aussie rules football, azumanga daioh, baseball, benny hill, bleach, blood +, cartoon network, case closed, cfl, charile brown, charlie's angels, charmed, classic sports on tv, classic wrestling, code geass, computers, cosplay, cowboy bebop, crayon shin-chan, cruz azul, csi, cutie honey, death note, doctor who, dvds, epl soccer, eureka seven, flcl, fma, fushigi yugi, gantz, garfield, geishas, ghost in the shell, ghostbusters, gnarls barkley, hamtaro, harry potter, haruni suzumiya, heroes, hey spring of triva, hockey, hockey night in canada, hong kong phooey, house m.d., igpx tv series, inital d, inu-yasha, iron chef, j-pop j-rock neosoul(japanese hip-hop), japanese women's wrestling, jem, k-1), kamkaze girls, kayne west, kill bill, korn, lara croft, looney tunes, lost, lotr, lupe fiasco, lupin the 3rd, m.i.a., mc chris, mexican soccer, mezzo dsa, mma(ufc, monster energy drink, monty python, movies, mr.bill, mxc, my chemical romance, mythbusters, najica blitz tatics, nami tamaki, nana, narina, ncis (tv show), neon genesis evangelion, nfl, nightwish, nwa-tna, old-school saturday night live, one piece, outlaw star, pgsm, pizza, pocky, polysics, pride f.c., princess nine, puffy ami yumi, ramen, rammstein, red dwarf, revolutionary girl utena, ric flair, rocky and bullwinkle, rugby, rumble roses, ruroni kenshin, sailor moon, saiyuki, samurai champloo, samurai pizza cats, shojo beat, shonen jump, snme, snoopy, soccer, south park, soy sauce, speed racer, stephen king, sumo wrestling, supergals, t.a.t.u., t.m. revolution, tenchi muyo, the donnas, the marx brothers, the slayers, the three stooges, tom and jerry, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, topcat, totally spies, trigun, veronica mars, video games, vnv nation, wccw, witch hunter robin, wrestling, wwe, yu-yu hakusho